Printed clothing labels are made of white polyester satin or white cotton (a paper-like material).

The labels can be produced centre folded or unfolded. The centre fold the most common folding type, but for certain applications also unfolded labels may be senseful. Please note that there is a standard deviation of 1-2 mm at the final production.

If you wish to produce asymmetric or special folds, kindly contact us.

Please note: Printed labels with a centre fold come with sew-in borders that are added by default. Those borders are always  10 mm high. The red area in the illustration without any borders are the dimensions of the label you should enter at the configuration. If you upload a file, also this should have the dimensions of the red area without the sew in borders!


Fold types and dimensions for printed fabric labels  

No fold 

Min. width: 17 mm
Max. width: 165 mm
Min. height: 10 mm
Max. height: 75 mm

Centre fold 

Note: By default, we will add two sew-in borders of 10 mm to all labels having a centre fold. This does not influence the price. If you do not want these borders, please mention it in the remarks field at the end of the label configuration.

Min. width: 11 mm
Max. width: 75 mm
Min. height: 16 mm
Max. height: 164 mm

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